Creative Coding Installation | Gray Area



Creative Coding Summer Immersive Showcase Exhibition at Gray Area



The Dismissal Project uses a Leap Motion sensor, creative coding, and video taken of my friends, family, and strangers, to create a conversation about disconnection, borrowing the notion of "swiping" from Tinder, but taking it further, making the interactions larger-than-life.

Swipe with your entire hand over the Leap Motion to move through the humans on the screen, who are waiting patiently for you to decide to accept or reject them (Swipe Right to accept, Swipe Left to reject). The decision to swipe has consequences. The people you swipe will react to your decision either way (disappointment, frustration, sadness, happiness, joy, pride etc.). 


Javascript, JQuery, HTML/CSS, Node.JS


Leap Motion, Adobe Premiere


Creative Coding, Installation


4 Weeks



As an interaction designer, I am fascinated by the ease of disconnection in our ever increasingly-connected world. Waiting even a few seconds for the reactions on the screen turned out to be a difficult test of patience. The instant gratification of receiving a new face was often more satisfying for people than watching the change in expression; than seeing each story unfold. To create empathy and understanding we must make space and time for one another. 

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