Laura Rose Sanford

Incurably Curious Interaction Designer

Charmingly Odd Experience Artist

Recreational Opera Singer


I’m passionate about creating antidisciplinary, immersive experiences.

There exists a transcendent kind of beauty in strangeness and an immense power in wonder. Whether through art, design, or some combination, I’m dedicated to bringing more of this into the world.

I’m co-founder and Chief Creative at Closegap, absorbing everything I can about game design and developmental psychology. As someone who wanted to pursue every career imaginable, I thrive in small hives of humans thinking across disciplines and differences; diving into humbling, chaotic systems. Beyond my startup life, I’m a studio artist at Root Division. Much of the art I make is about creating honest yet surreal moments for self-awareness. I experiment with songwriting, narrative-driven installations, prop-making and set design, creative coding, and can often be found doodling fanatically.