I'm Laura, an interaction designer and artist from the Bay Area, CA.

As far back as I can remember, I've been a learner, an advocate, an idealist, a storyteller, and an artist. With the critical eyes of a systems thinker, I find strength in building connections between the complexities of our existing world. With incurable, child-like curiosity, I see the world as it can be and strive to create a conversation around how it should be. I believe in the process, the strategy, and the opportunities that come from thoughtful and courageous design.  

Design, art, and storytelling have empowered me to not only advocate for, but to create a better, more inclusive future where space exists for all people to to be heard and to influence. I see potential in intuitive services and immersive environments - and believe they can have a positive impact on how we relate and interact with one another in the world.

I've studied global studies, educational psychology, and opera performance at UC Santa Barbara, city planning at UC Berkeley, interior design at California College of the Arts, and, most recently, earned an M.Des (Master of Design) in Interaction Design from California College of the Arts. My work in grad school centered around designing for social impact and critiquing the nature of buzzwords and phrases like “social impact.” I'm particularly interested in the existence of design ethics and creating space for that conversation. 

I work primarily for nonprofit startups as an interaction designer and am co-founding one of my own. My side projects include all manner of experience art - digital and analog and everything in between. I experiment with sound, with sensors, with spaces. I enjoy making, mentoring, songwriting, and singing opera.