I'm Laura, an incurably curious interaction and experience designer from the Bay Area.


As far back as I can remember, I've been an artist, an idealist, an advocate, and a storyteller. Today, I’m passionate about creating antidisciplinary, immersive experiences. I’m currently co-founding a startup and absorbing everything I can about game design, positive psychology, and how people learn - check us out at!

I believe that tech can be designed to make this world a better, more inclusive place - it’s time to be bolder; to uphold and follow through on our values.

I believe there is a transcendent beauty in Strangeness and an immense power in Wonder - whether through art, design or some combination, I strive to bring more of this into the world. I doodle fanatically, write songs, sing opera and create all manner of art - experimenting with sound, with sensors, with spaces and beyond!